Overview of Live Tracking Screen

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About Overview of Live Tracking Screen

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The Live Tracking screen in Trakzee allows users to track the activity of their objects or assets in real-time. Users can monitor and stay updated on the object’s movements, location, and status as they change. It provides a dynamic and interactive view that reflects the real-time data of the tracked objects.

From this screen, users can gather complete, accurate, and up-to-date information about their objects, including their current location, speed, direction, and any other relevant parameters. Users can also view the activities performed and check jobs, alerts, etc. that have occurred throughout the day.

To open the live tracking screen, click on Menu > Tracking in the application, as highlighted in the below-given image.

Listing Panel
On the left side of the screen, we have the listing panel which is as shown below:

We have the following listings in the listing panel:
Object Tab

This tab displays important object details like object number, object name, speed, connected port status, etc. in one place.

Learn more about object tab.
Job Tab

This tab displays important job details like job status, information about checkpoints in one place.

Learn more about job tab.
Driver Tab

Important driver details like name, status,etc. are displayed in the driver tab.

Learn more about driver tab.
Address Tab

Address tab displays important address details like name, nearby objects, etc. in one place.

Learn more about address tab
Geofence Tab

Important geofence details like name, shape, etc. are displayed in the geofence tab.

Learn more about geofence tab.
Map Tools
On the right side of the screen, we have Map tools as shown in the image below:

Map tools are as listed below:

Select Map

Trakzee provides OSM Map, but if the users have purchased any Map Keys then they can select other maps from here accordingly.

Use/Remove Cluster

Cluster option is used to view the number of vehicles in a particular area on the map.

Object with Path

By clicking on Object with Path, the user can view the route taken by the object on that day.

Show Label

User can click on Show Label to view the objects with their labels.

Share Live Location

Click on this to icon share the live location of multiple objects at a time.

Send Command

User can also directly send commands to the selected object from the Live Tracking Screen.

Single Object Mode

User can view only the selected object on the map by clicking on Single Object Mode.

Zoom In

User can zoom in on the map using Zoom In.

Zoom Out

User can zoom out on the map using Zoom Out.

Measure distance and area

By clicking on Measure distance and area, users can measure the distance and area of the area covered in the plotted points on the map.

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