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About Location Tracker Application Dashboard

Anonymous Asked question February 5, 2024

The dashboard is the screen that allows users to see all the performance information and important data for all the vehicles in one place.

To open dashboard, click on Menu > Dashboard in the application, as highlighted in the below given image.

There are two different types of dashboards – Management dashboard and Operator’s dashboard.

The management dashboard is for the admin and reseller. Using the management dashboard, users can view the information related to activities on the account.

Whereas, the operator’s dashboard is for the company. Using the operator’s dashboard, users can view the information related to the activities of the vehicles.

The management dashboard is as shown in the above given image.

The operator’s dashboard is as shown below:

Both these dashboards can be customised, in which the users can select the widgets that they want to view on the screen as per their requirements.

Go to  Dashboard >   to customise the widgets users want to view on the dashboard.

On the management dashboard, the user gets activity, log, technician and load sensor related widgets. Whereas, on the operator’s dashboard, user gets activity, job, fleet-reminder, ADAS, fleet violation, DMS, log, cost distribution, tire status, e-lock and load sensor related widgets.

Users can select particular objects, the data of which they want to view on the dashboard.

They can also filter the data on the basis of time duration as per requirements and preferences.

Go to Dashboard >  to filter the data that is to be viewed on the dashboard.

It is easy to identify trends and patterns of the fleet as the dashboard provides users with a graphical representation of all the data. Here, the users can view the data in the form of pie charts and bar graphs.