Manage Driver Documents

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About Manage Driver Documents


Manage Driver Documents

Manage all of the driver documents at one place and organize important information like training records, certifications, and licenses. This can help ensure that only qualified and properly trained drivers operate vehicles and help comply with regulations. When compared to manual record-keeping, having all driver documents in a digital format can also save time and resources.

To get started

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to  Settings > General > Driver
  • Double-click on the object record for which you want to upload Vehicle Documents.

To upload driver documents

Navigate to the Documents Tab.

    • Click on Document ➕
    • Add Document Type from the dropdown list.
    • Add Document Name.

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    • Upload the Document image from your system.
    • Enter the document Issue Date.
    • Enter the document Expiry Date.
    • You can download the document image by clicking on the Download 
    • You can Delete the Document details by clicking on .