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Understanding Hierarchy Capabilities – When Registering as Reseller, Company or Individual

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A Reseller is referred to a distributor who has intentions to resell to its clients. The reseller account has the following capabilities:

  • Ability to Customize and brand the software with their own logo
  • set their own tariff plans
  • Give their clients a complete solution.

Reseller Subuser

Reseller can also create subuser in account for their client and manage the subuser’s invoicing and account information as well as the degree of access the subuser has to the software. 

Please Note: A reseller subuser can be created once the Reseller account is created.


A Company is refers to an organization or business that intend to use the software to manage their assets, fleet, or workforce. This can fall between any industry requiring asset tracking or workforce management. 

Company Subuser

A Company admin can create multiple users and assign them different roles and permissions depending on the different aspects of the company’s operations the subuser will be managing in the company.


A Branch/Individual refers to locations of a Company or an Individual having multiple or single cars/assets he/she wishes to monitor with our software. 

An individual or branch Users can set up and manage multiple cars/assets in their assigned account.

Please Note: Branch and Individual are assigned by resellers or companies. However, If a Company doesn’t have any Branch, or just wants to be registered as a single user, an account will be created by default using their desired brand/individual name.


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