Classify Trips

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About Classify Trips


Classify Trips

Classify Trips refers to the process of categorising a trip based on its purpose or type. A trip can be classified as a business trip, personal trip, or invalid trip.

A trip is considered from ignition ON to ignition OFF of the object.

Please Note: Classify Trips is included only in Trakzee Premium.

To get started

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to  Settings > Master > Classify Trips
  • Select Company and Branch from the dropdown list.
  • Select From Date and To Date from the date picker.
  • Select the Object of which the trips are to be classified.
  • Click on Apply button.

The page you land on displays the trip details of the selected vehicle in selected time range.

    • Click on Frame (2) icon  to classify the trip.
    • Select the Trip Status from the dropdown menu
    • Enter a Note to add additional information about the trip if required.
    • Click on 💾Save button.
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