Tire operation

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About Tire operation

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Tire operation

Users can perform Tire Operations such as allocation, rotation, repair, retread, regroove, etc. These operations can be carried on the tires that are allocated. To carry out tire operations, consider the following steps.

To get started 

  • Login to your account
  • Go to  Settings > Tire > Tire Operation

To perform tire operation

    • Select the Company, Branch and Vehicle from the dropdown list.
    • Enter the Odometer value.

The odometer value of the object is taken in order to store the data of when the tire operation was done on the object.

    • Select the Tire Position from the dropdown list.

      The tire position selected will be shown in the axle diagram along with the tire details on the screen as shown in the above image.
    • Select the Operation from the dropdown list and enter the required information accordingly.
    • Click on the Save 💾 icon.

To perform tire operation in bulk

  • Click on the upload button on the taskbar.

    • Select the Company from the dropdown list.
    • Select the Branch from the dropdown list.
    • Select the Tire Events that is the tire operation from the dropdown list.
    • Download the sample file from the link given. The file will hold the basic information about the selected tire operation.
    • Upload the XLS file with after filling up the details.
    • Click on the save 💾 icon.
webmaster Changed status to publish February 12, 2024