Parking Mode in LTGST mobile app

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Parking Mode in LTGST mobile app


Parking Mode in LTGST mobile app

The parking mode is a security feature that allows the user to select their car and receive  alerts if it is moved when in Parking mode.

Please Note: Parking mode is a feature for security of vehicles.

It is not an alert functionality, but a security functionality that generates alerts.

To turn ON parking alert

  • Login to the mobile application.
  • Go to    screen.
  • Click on Parking.

Frame 1170

The screen user lands on is the parking overview screen where the user can have a look at all the vehicles, along with their status.
For the vehicles in stopped status, users will also be able to see if the parking mode is enabled or not.

Frame 1229


  • The user can enable the Parking mode of the vehicles that are in stopped status.
    The vehicles whose Parking mode is enabled will get an alert if the vehicle starts moving.Frame 1172
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