Create announcement from LTGST mobile app

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About Create announcement from Trakzee mobile app


Create announcements from our mobile app

Announcements can be created from the application. To create announcements, consider the following steps.

To get started

  • Login to the mobile application.
  • Go to    screen
  • Click on Announcement.Frame 1155

The screen user lands on is the announcements overview screen where the user can have a look at all the announcements.

To create an announcement

  • Click on  icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Add.Frame 1156
    1. Select the type of announcement from Announcement For list.
    2. Click on  to select the Priority.
    3. Click on  to select the medium of Announcement.Frame 1158
    4. Enter the Subject of announcement.
    5. Enter the Summary of announcement.
    6. Enter the main Message of announcement.
    7. Click on to upload Attachment.
      • Image: Select image to upload an image.
        • Select from where the image is to be uploaded from: Camera or Gallery.Frame 1159

8.  Click on to select the Schedule for the announcement.

Frame 1160

9. Click on the Save  icon.

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