Calibrate RPM sensor

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About Calibrate RPM sensor


Calibrate RPM sensor

RPM sensor is used to measure rotation speed. It is based on vehicle ignition and shows the frequency of engine rotations.

To get started

  • Login to your account
  • Go to  Settings > General > Object
  • Double-click on the object record for which you want to calibrate the sensor.
  • Navigate to Sensor.

    Configure RPM sensor tab

To Calibrate

  • Activate the connection type by clicking on the checkbox given in the Active column.
  • Click on the dropdown of Connected Sensor and select RPM.

    Configure RPM sensor

  • Click on the Calibration Manage Vehicle Documents btn reminder-1 button. A new window will appear.
    • Enter RPM Factor

      Configure RPM sensor img 1

RPM factor differs from device to device. It provides you with the actual value by correcting the unit factor.

    • In RPM From enter the minimum RPM value of the vehicle.
    • In RPM To enter the maximum RPM value of the vehicle.
    • Click on the Save 💾 icon to save the calibration.
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