Billing Module

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About Billing Module


Billing Module

Using Billing Module, users can create Tariff Plans for their clients. Billing Module helps users to keep the license updated on all the vehicles. This can help the clients to do the payment for their vehicles.

An Admin can create Tariff Plans for Reseller and Company.

Whereas, a Reseller can create Tariff Plans only for a Company.


Billing Module includes two types of plans, namely – Prepaid and Postpaid.

  • Prepaid
    In a Prepaid plan, the user first makes a payment and then uses the platform.
    These plans can be of Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly and are slab-wise with respect to different platforms (Trakzee Lite, Standard and Premium). Users can setup the charges as per their requirements and create a plan of their choice.
    For already existing objects/vehicles with plans, users can upload an excel file with the expiry date details of the same. These objects/vehicles expire on the mentioned dates and can be recharged.
    They will also be notified on the mentioned email address before the selected number of days of expiry.
    Free days can also be provided as preferred.
  • Postpaid
    In a Postpaid plan, the user first uses the platform and then makes a payment for the same.
    The duration of a Postpaid plan is fixed, i.e. for 30 days. After 30 days, the account expires. The account is reactivated only if the payment is made.

Taxes can be added in percentage or fixed amount on the plans as per requirement if it is applicable.

For example, in India 18% GST is applicable, so that can be added in the Tax section.


There is also an option of adding the Payment Gateway Charges. If the user has added Payment Gateways in the Configuration of users, then this is applicable.

These charges can either be added in percentage or amount; and are either fixed or slab-wise.

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