Add vehicle from LTGST mobile app

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Add vehicle from LTGST mobile app


Add vehicle from our mobile app

Vehicles can be added from the mobile application. To add vehicles, consider the following steps.

To get started

  • Login to the mobile application.
  • Go to    screen
  • Click on Object.Frame 1070-png

The screen user lands on is the object overview screen where the user can have a look at all the object records.

To add vehicle

  • Click on  icon on the top right corner of the screen.Frame 1073
  • Click on Add.
    1. Select the Reseller from the list.
    2. Select the Company from the list
    3. Select the Branch from the list.
    4. Enter the Name of the object.Frame 1104 (1)
    5. Select the GPS device from the Device Type.
    6. Enter the IMEI number of the device selected.
    7. The system will provide the Server Address as the user selects the integrated device.
    8. Enter the SIM Number 
    9.  Enter the Secondary SIM Number.
    10. Device Timezone should be added as per the timezone configured on the device.
    11. Select the Distance Counter from the list.Frame 1076
    12. Select the Unit of Distance from the list.Frame 1077
    13. Select the Speed Detection source from the list.Frame 1079
    14. Enter the Odometer reading.
    15. Enter the LBS Detection Radius.

The LBS Detection Radius will be a numeric value valid upto 5000 meters.

Go to Profile

  • Click on Profile.

Frame 1084

  1. Enter the Plate Number of the object.Frame 1105
  2. Select the Object Type.
  3. Select the Manufacture Date from the date picker.
  4. Select the Purchase Date from the date picker.
  5. Select the Installation Date from the date picker.
  6. Enter the Registration Number of the object.
  7. Select the Fuel Type from the list.Frame 1085
  8. Click on  if it is going to be Distance based Fuel Consumption and enter the values.
  9. Click on  if it is going to be Duration based Fuel Consumption and enter the values.Frame 1086
  10. Enter the VIN Number.
  11. Enter the Engine Number.
    Frame 1106
  12. Click on  if there is Weight Sensor and enter the values.
    1. Enter the Object Empty Weight value.
    2. Enter the Object Full Weight value.
    3. Enter the Load Capacity value.
    4. Enter the Underweight Tolerance value.
    5. Enter the Overweight Tolerance value.
    6. Enter the Loading-Unloading Tolerance value.Frame 1107
  13. Click on  if there is GSensor and enter the values.
    1. Enter the Axis X value.
    2. Enter the Axis Y value.
    3. Enter the Axis Z value.Frame 1109
  14. Click on the Save  icon .

Go to Sensors

Frame 1093

  • Click on  to activate the port of the corresponding sensor.Frame 1094
  • Click on Select to select the connected sensor.Frame 1095
    • Select the sensor.
  • Click on  for calibration.Frame 1096
    • Do the calibration.
    • Click on the Save  icon.
  • Click on the Save  icon.

Go to Documents

Frame 1097

  • Click on ➕ icon to upload documents.

Frame 1098 (1)

  1. Select Document Type from the list.
  2. Enter the Document Name.Frame 1113


  3. Select the Issue Date from the date picker.
  4. Select the Expiry Date from the date picker.
  5. Click on to upload Attachment.
    • Select Image or Document.
      Frame 1101
    • Upload the document.
  6. Click on Apply
    Frame 1102
  • Click on the Save  icon.
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