Organizational Structure

At Location Tracker G.P.S Systems Trading, our organizational structure is designed to foster efficiency, collaboration, and innovation. We believe in a hierarchical framework that aligns with our mission and values, ensuring seamless operations and optimal customer service.

Below is an overview of our organizational structure:

1. Executive Leadership

  • Founder & CEO – Ali Ahmed AlHammadi:
    • Responsible for overall strategic direction and leadership.
  • Executive Team:

Key executives overseeing operations, finance, technology, and marketing.

    • Deborah Durunwa
    • Ibrahim

2. Operations Department

  • Operations Manager: Responsible for day-to-day operational efficiency.
  • Logistics and Fleet Management Teams: Focus on the smooth functioning of vehicle fleets and asset management.

3. Technology and Innovation Division

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Leads the development and integration of cutting-edge GPS technology.
  • Software Development and R&D Teams: Dedicated to creating and improving our location tracking solutions.

4. Customer Support and Services

  • Customer Service Manager: Ensures a responsive and customer-centric approach.
  • Technical Support and Training Teams: Provide our customers with assistance, guidance, and training.

5. Sales and Marketing

  • Sales Director:
    • Oversee sales strategies and client relationships.
  • Marketing Manager and Team:
    • Responsible for promoting our products and brand, ensuring a strong market presence.

6. Quality Assurance and Compliance

  • Quality Assurance Manager: Ensures adherence to quality standards and regulatory compliance.

7. Finance and Administration

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Manages financial strategies, budgeting, and fiscal responsibilities.
  • Administrative and HR Teams: Handle day-to-day administrative tasks and human resources.

8. Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

  • Partnerships Manager: Develops and nurtures relationships with key partners in security and technology.

9. Environmental and Social Responsibility Division

  • Sustainability Coordinator: Focuses on initiatives related to environmental impact and community engagement.

10. IT Security and Data Privacy TeamĀ 

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): Oversees the security of our systems and customer data.

This structure is designed to create a collaborative and agile environment, allowing Location Tracker G.P.S Systems Trading to respond effectively to market dynamics, technological advancements, and the evolving needs of our customers. Each team and department plays a crucial role in contributing to our organisation’s success and the realisation of our vision.